How Your Generosity Plays A Role In Our Story

Giving can be a touchy subject. We get it. We aren't here to guilt you out of your money or to make money off of you. We are more interested in your heart and helping you step into the story Jesus has for you.

God doesn't want us giving out of compulsion, he wants us giving voluntarily and joyfully. That's what we want too! If you are excited about what God is doing at Storyline, we invite you to be a part of this story by supporting our mission.

We want to be transparent with how we spend money. If you have any questions about how or where the money goes, we would be more than happy to show you the books.

What It Means To Give

We know many churches pressure members to give 10%. We aren't going to do that. Why? Because that's not what the Bible teaches. We are commanded to live generously for the benefit of others. We want to help you cultivate a heart of generosity. What that looks like will vary from person to person.

At Storyline we believe followers of Jesus should do 3 things when it comes to giving:

  1. Give Generously
  2. Give Joyfully
  3. Give Voluntarily

What exactly that looks like for you and your family is something for you to explore with God. Prayerfully ask youself, "Am I living generously?" And of course, we'd love to help if you need some guidance.

For more about what giving/tithing in the Bible looks like check out: What Giving Really Looks Likes According To The Bible

How To Give

It's easy to give to Storyline! Simply click the "Give Here" button below and you will be taken to our secure giving platform. You will be able to make one time gifts or set up recurring donations. All gifts are tax deducatable.

If you prefer, you can also mail in a check to:

Storyline Christian Church
P.O. Box 202
121 Castle Pines Ave
Johnstown, CO 80534

Storyline Gives Too

Generosity is something we practice as a church. Our pastors give both to Storyline and other organizations that take God's love to those in need. Storyline has commited to set aside 10% of every dollar given to plant more churches primarly in Northern Colorado.